Uncommon News

Hey Crew,

I hope your week was awesome. It has been a wild, fast-paced week. There have been some incredible things building behind the scenes for Uncommon this week. I will share some of them with you in this email.... So don't stop reading! 

Before I tell you all the good news, I want to remind you of something simple. Our goal, and our passion at Uncommon is to "Meet People Where They Are & Lead Them To Life In Christ". That is why we exist. What it means in practical terms... We go where people are, address their reality and life concerns and ultimately love them without conditions. Sometimes it is messy, but mostly it is an adventure! I am completely HONORED to have you as part of this mission, vision and adventure. Thank you for being part of what God is doing in Austin, Texas! 

So.... Here is what is ahead.... 

Next week we are kicking off our Summer series "Insanity". This series will be applicable for ALL of us. It is focused on helping us become healthier. We are going to focus on building spiritual. emotional and physical health. We are going to address topics from money, relationships, physical training, sex and more. It is going to be a series that will impact our whole lives. I promise it will have "Handles", by that I mean practical ways to put into practice great principles for life!

This Sunday is Q&A..... This is a BIG week for Uncommon. You will be able to come to church and ask questions. We will have an easy format for you to submit your questions live. During the service Chuck and I will moderate and respond to your biggest questions about God, religion, life and more. This is PERFECT week to invite someone who has tons of questions. It is a great time to explore your doubts, fears and ideas. Looking forward to seeing you guys for this awesome time on Sunday. 

Meeting People Where They Are... is a HUGE part of what we do. In 2 weeks we will be kicking off an outreach and Bible study with the "Street Kids" on The Drag. We have had a generous donor give us funds to provide a simple weekly meal and a time to talk about the grace and love of God. If you are looking for a great way to serve people, love people and explore grace... This is perfect. To be part & get more info, email us info@uncommonchurch.tv

PORN DEBATE.... that's right... You read that right. In October we will be hosting the Porn Debate with Craig Gross & Ron Jeremy from XXXChurch.com. Craig started XXXChurch.com to help folks addicted to porn and stuck in the industry find help & hope. So on October 19/20 this year we will be hosting Craig & Ron as we explore this topic. You can learn more on at www.xxxchurch.com

One Last Thing... in December we will have the honor of hosting Ruth Graham as we explore the topic of boundless grace. Ruth is the daughter of Billy Graham, and she has an awesome story to tell. Ruth has become a good friend, and a great influence in our ministry at Uncommon Church. You do not want to miss out. So keep tuned in for her visit in December! 

Like I said, LOTS of BIG things are happening at Uncommon. GREATER THINGS are truly ahead. I will share much more vision and excitement this weekend. So do not miss out on Sunday! Join us at 4pm at Baker School at 3908 Avenue B in Hyde Park. Cant wait to see you guys there. 

Oh.... Don't forget.... INVEST & INVITE someone this Sunday!

Pastor Michael 

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