Does God Still Heal?

I have known people who genuinely believe that God still heals through miracles even today. And, I have known people who believe that is not true. I know people who believe God has left the healing to doctors, diet or exercise. No matter the stance, we still ask the question, Does God still heal? 

If you have ever watched someone suffer from an illness such as cancer, Alzheimer's or even ALS... It is hard to see their lives slip away. And, if you're one who believe God is a miracle working, healing God, it can be even more difficult when God does not take away that illness. We are left wondering if in fact, God is not able to heal. 

Yes... I truly have been this color in real life!

For the last 2 months I have been extremely sick. The first part of November my body went into acute liver failure due to a toxic, or drug induced hepatitis. It is likely from some herbal health supplements that I was taking. The results have been ravaging. I developed severe jaundice, and literally turned deep yellow/orange across my entire body. I was unable to stay awake for a number of weeks, and slept 16+ hrs a day. I began to loose weight, and ultimately lost well over 30 lbs. My love of exercise had to be put on hold, and my entire life style had to change. I developed pruritus which is a severe internal itching. My 16+ hours a day of sleep turned into less than 2 hrs of sleep per day due to the itching. Needless to say, this illness has been Hell on Earth! 

Over the course of my illness I have fervently prayed for God's miraculous healing. I truly believe that God can heal me. I have had dozens of people laying hands on me, anointing me with oil and praying for my healing. I have had my church praying together. I have had hundreds across the country praying and believing. Yet, my illness persists. So, I have been left wondering many times... Does God intend to heal me? Can he fix my liver? Does God care about what is going on my my body. 

The truth is, I have struggled much in this journey. But, I have never doubted God's ability to heal. In fact, God has used this process to remind me of a profound truth and reality. Not only has God used my illness to slow me down, cause me to develop a deeper dependence on His grace and speak to me... But He has reminded me of something you need to know as well. 

God Heals some people and cures others! 

Let me help you understand. There is a story of the 10 lepers who encounter Jesus and ask for healing. (Luke 17:11-19) Jesus, in his love and mercy, cures all 10 lepers. After these guys go to the local priest and are declared clean, only 1 returns to say thank you and worship Jesus. 10 men were cured, but only one man was healed! Only one man's heart was transformed. 

So many times in life we are looking for the cure. But, God has been waiting for us to see His healing. He has been working to heal our hearts, heal our minds and heal our spirit. But our desire for a physical cure has blinded us to what God is really doing. To cure means to end a problem or disease. To heal means to make whole. God intends to make us whole more than end our problems!

I can tell you from experience, God has been healing me in the last few months. He has healed me from being too busy to listen to Him speak daily. He has been healing me from a dependence on my performance to be a "godly" person. He has been healing me from my self-sufficiency and teaching me to rely more on my family and my team. More than anything, God has been helping me to see more clearly.... Who is Jesus in my life! God has not cured my body yet, and I have a long way to go. Some days are tough, but I hold on to hope, because God is doing something much more powerful than curing me... God is healing my heart! 

As you wrestle with God the Healer... Ask yourself... Am I looking for a cure or am I looking for healing?