Truly Reaching

I have had the honor of spending time with my friend, a man I highly respect, Pastor Ed Dobson many times in the last few years. Some of you know Pastor Ed as the pastor from Calvary Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Some of you know Pastor Ed as the man who chose to live like Jesus for one year in full Jewish custom, and wrote abest-selling book about it. Some of you know Pastor Ed as the man who has ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). But I know a very different version of this incredible man....

The man I know is a man who has a deep passion for people. He has a deep passion for people that most would reject and push away....And that passion is to love them and lead them towards Christ! His ministry has literally changed thousands of people. He reached folks by going where they were, and still where they are....places most folks would never attempt....and the result is radically changed lives! 

This week he has released a new installment in his video series Ed's Story. You can watch it today for free.... DO NOT MISS IT! Here's the link:

If you'd like to see a bit more of Ed's heart.... Here is a short video (4 mins) of Pastor Ed sharing his heart on reaching people....It is profound, and something you need to hear today!