Be Uncommon With Us....

The last 14 months at Uncommon Church have been INCREDIBLE beyond words.

They have been filled with victories, adventures, journeys, struggles, heartaches, celebrations, challenges and more! We have seen dozens of people discover Jesus, 39 to be exact!!! We have seen families overcome impossible hurdles. We have seen marriages restored. We have seen God bring healing to so many. We have seen people overcome addictions. We have seen our city join us for many events. We have had tons of great new people join our Uncommon family and movement. And, we have seen God provide over and over again. 

We have had great events over the 14 months. We hosted Brian “Head” Welch from KORN. That was an excellent event where many folks discovered Jesus and we had some kickin’ new people join our mission as a result. We hosted The Great Porn Debate downtown at The Paramount Theater. That was a HUGE success. We had hundreds of non-church people come and join our conversation of grace and love, and once again we had folks choose to follow Jesus!

So many of you have been a part of our story. You invested in us with your time, your talent, your resources, your finances and your prayers. You have been a very crucial part of this journey.

So much has happened, and so much has changed since October of 2012. But one thing remains the same.... our vision. Uncommon Church exists to Meet People Where They Are and Lead Them to Life In Christ. 

As a pastor I cannot tell you how much I believe in what God has called me to Austin to to champion. God wants to build a church in this city, and He has called us to be part. He has called me and my family to lead the way. And, I promise that no matter what, we will stay the course and stand firm in that calling. We have faced the attacks of the enemy these last 14 months. We have lost some crucial funding, and God has restored it. We have lost loved ones, God has carried us through. We have faced adoption woes as a family, and we remain strong. We have have faced a miscarriage, and are awaiting the birth of our 5th child. We have faced some of the most serious health issues you can imagine, yet we stand healthy. We have had our cars stolen, and God restored! Bottom line, we know that if we remain faithful to our calling, God will provide. God will prevail against all odds. And, God will do all as He has promised. And, in the end, I and my family stand stronger and with more resolve to lead Uncommon than ever before. 

Uncommon has finally found it’s very first 24/7 home at 2600 McHale Ct Suite 100 in Austin. It will be our hub for serving this city. It will be our hub for seeing lives changed. It will be our hub for preparing and releasing leaders into our city. It will be our hub to see lives restored, families healed, missions accomplished and forgiveness made real. It will be a place where unconditional love and grace will pour out in excess. It will be the place where Uncommon sees God’s greatest miracles.

We are going to raise $35,000 to renovate and open up our new home together. This is your chance to invest and be part of the miracle of changed lives. This is your chance to be part of something BIG, something greater than we can ask or imagine. This is your chance to Be Uncommon and share in the transformation of the City of Austin.

Will you prayerfully consider how much God would have you give and invest in the vision and mission of Uncommon Church. Will you go above and beyond to invest in seeing this new location become a place where God moves in our church and our community.

All of your gifts are 100% tax deductible. And 100% of your gifts are being used to serve people and give life to those who are hurting. 100% of your gifts are used to advance the Kingdom of Heaven and make to make Jesus famous in Austin, Texas!

Thanks for being part of this journey. Thanks for choosing to Be Uncommon! I love this church and cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Pastor Michael

You can give online now by CLICKING HERE