Church Impact

Small Town America is one of the toughest mission fields on earth. After all, it is the largest mission field in the United States. The United States are defined by their small towns, and the culture of those towns. It’s churches in those small towns that often have the power to impact and change culture. Historically in the United States the Church has been the center of culture, social gathering and service in Small Town USA. And, while the larger cities no longer reflect this, Small Town USA can still be impacted greatly by its Churches and their leaders. In fact, most churches in Small Town USA impact, effect and influence the lives of 10-20% of the population of smaller towns in the United States. This percentage of impact has the potential and power to change culture, shape the future and grow God’s Kingdom beyond belief. It was these small towns that made the United States great, and we can see that impact continue.

Likewise, small town churches in big cities carry a big influence as well. After all, they speak to the grassroots movements that made America great. They mirror the life of families, remind us of the old neighborhood and give us a safety zone in the midst of a busy world. Their potential is often untappedand ignored.

So many of the churches in America struggle to have such any measurable impact on their communities. So many of churches are struggling just to stay alive. The evidence is overwhelming. Most churches struggle to average over eighty people each Sunday and conversions and baptisms are sporadic at best. In many cases, pastors come and go like high school sweethearts, which  makes it incredibly hard on both the church and the pastor. Our objective is to help churches make an impact in ANY size town across America. We have identified eight concepts that we believe (from personal experience) are imperative for churches to embrace in order create a gospel influence in their city, town, or community.

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