An Uncommon Season!

It really is amazing the journey that life takes us on. in fact, I never imagined the journey I have taken would be such an incredible journey. My 34 years have been filled with moments of intense joy, pain, struggle, triumph, victories, failures, madness, excitement and so much more. But, I can tell you one thing, the last 3 years in Austin, Texas, have amplified those experiences ten fold! 

In September of 2011 Allison and I answered God’s call in our lives to come to Austin and start a new church. Our vision was and is to “Meet People Where They Are and Lead Them To Life in Jesus”. This is our life mission, our passion and simply who we are. So, it made sense to take our passion and begin a new ministry. To this day all I can say to the question “why Austin” is that God told us. I know that is a canned “religious” answer, but it is true. And, I am thankful that Austin was the place God called us to serve. We LOVE this city so very much. Austin is such an amazing city, with great culture and fantastic people. 

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It was and is a powerful and fantastic city to do ministry, to live like Jesus and to love people! And, that is what we did. Out of our passion and the culture of Austin we gave birth to Uncommon Church. I love Uncommon Church. I love the vision, the mission, the people, the culture and the miracles we have been able to see. 

In the last three years we have had the honor of loving and serving over 1200 people directly in our events and services at Uncommon. We have had the honor of hosting great events such as Brian “Head” Welch, The Great Porn Debate and more. We have been able to serve so many sectors of this awesome city. I have had the honor of watching God free so many people from addictions, depression, failures and more. We have seen guys go from being homeless, to being able to work and provide for themselves. We have seen people come out of prison and become leaders and influencers. We have seen drug addicts find enough hope to break through into freedom. We have seen families restored! In fact, we have seen more than 120 people decide to follow Jesus. Who knows how many really made that decision, and we simply do not know. 

During our time we have had the honor of serving with other GREAT leaders in our city. I am thankful for Pastor Joe Champion and his love, friendship and wisdom. I am thankful for pastors like Jeremy Self, Nick Shock, Chris Gilkey, Zak White, Cole Phillips, Cody Whitfill, Ross Parsley, Eric Bryant, Jacob Box, Bryan Hein and so many who have been a constant support and inspiration. Without their team work, encouragement and love Uncommon would have never been able to do all that it has in 3 years time. 

I am most thankful for the dozens and dozens of leaders, volunteers, friends, servants and amazing people who have been part of Uncommon Church since 2011. There have been countless hours of work, passion and love that have been poured into Uncommon. I am humbled to see such a passion and love that people have poured into this church. WOW…. Allison and I never dreamed we would be able to see this dream come to life, and that people would come along for the journey with us. THANK YOU!!! 

During the last few months God has been up to something. Quite frankly, I have not understood it at all. In fact, I still don’t. Things have been good for Uncommon. But, God has seen fit to close out this season of ministry and the life of Uncommon. It has been a wild ride to watch this transition happen. And, in transparency, it has been hard and painful. But, wisdom and circumstance has led us to a hard decision. Uncommon Church has officially closed its doors. My heart breaks in writing that statement, but I cannot avoid this reality. 

I have spent much time speculating about why, what, when, how and more. But, all I can simply say it this…. It’s all about TIMING. And, as best I can tell, this was not Gods timing for the longevity of Uncommon. So, as of this week, we have closed this chapter of ministry and this season of life. 

I know that Uncommon will live on for a long time. After all, the lives of the people affected and transformed will keep on moving. The ripple effect of Uncommon will reach far beyond what we can see, imagine or dream. I know that what is ahead will be incredible for all of us who have been part of this incredible story.

For those of you who have been actively invested, serving, praying, giving, sharing and loving during these last 3 years…. THANK YOU! Please know that your investment and your love has been crucial in seeing lives changed and transformed. You have been part of seeing addicts set free, marriages saved, children redeemed, the homeless given care, the broken to find healing, the hurting to find refuge and the Gospel to go forward.

Thank you for being part of God’s story of Grace! Thanks for being part of this amazing vision with our family and our church. We love you!