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UPDATE 8-5-14: As of today we hit 52% of our goal.... and we got GOOD NEWS!!!! We have been told by our lawyer & IBESR that if we arrive right away, we can almost assuredly finish right away. PLEASE consider being part of Karis' story! THANKS!!!

The in 2011 our family began the adoption process a second time! This time from the incredible country of Haiti. Shortly after making that decision, we met our daughter Karis (Her name means gift or grace, both of which we feel is very fitting!) when she was only 12 days old! It’s been a LONG time since that first day…. The last 3 1/2 years have been quite an amazing journey. And, as much as I thought I had learned about myself in our first adoption, I have been learning 10x more this time. In fact, every day I continue to learn. And... most of all.... God is stretching, building and molding my faith. 

For 3 1/2 years now we have had to watch our daughter grow up through pictures, emails and occasional visits. Every single time we are forced to say good bye, board a plane and come home.... my heart is shattered. Adoption is simply a tough process and a labor that must be driven by love!

As of today, Karis is STILL STUCK in Haiti…. But, we have a ray of Hope on the horizon!!!!

We have recently been told that if I am able to come and spend an extended amount of time in Haiti to help push and process paper work, attend meetings and meeting with local officials, we can bring her home SOON! This has been the most encouraging update we have had in YEARS….

It is LONG past due to get Karis home….

She has been stuck in a system that keeps causing us to repeat steps, submit documents, give more money and wait longer. During this time she has grown up without her forever family and outside of our desire for her life.... something every parent can understand! Karis is in need of some Physical Therapy that she simply cannot get in Haiti... And it is gut-wrenching to wait and hope.  At this point we are only a couple of steps away from being able to get Karis' visa. But we need LOTS of prayer and some logistics to fall into place..... 

We are asking you to join us in praying. Pray that God will keep moving mountains. Pray that God continues to provide the money we need to keep our adoption moving ahead. Pray that God will temper our hearts and emotions as we wait out this hard process. Pray that we are able to celebrate VERY soon bringing our daughter home from Haiti! And, mostly, pray for the thousands of adoptive parents walking through the very same thing!  

We have been able to make some progress. Right now we are needing the ability and freedom for me to go and stay in Haiti for up to 4 weeks. In order to make that happen we need to be able to save or raise some funds as I will not be home and able to work. Having a big family, that is simply not an option as of now without extra funds. In addition we have had some additional costs arise for legal fees and paperwork. Every few months our papers needs updating and the process requires more costs. If I am able to save up or make about $5000 we would be able to make this happen ASAP. If we were able to create about $6500 we could almost assuredly finish our adoption. I know God is faithful to provide all we need in the right timing. If you know of a side job I can take, work I can do or income I can create for this need, PLEASE let me know. I am willing to work any hour of the day or night to complete my family and get Karis home! 

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