If you want to make an impact and disrupt any sort of market place, then you must honor the system that has gone before you. 

This is a crucial part of leading the way for change and leading in the path of progress. This is a hard lesson for most leaders and innovators to learn. I believe the reason is enthusiasm, ego and pride. But, it is very important that leaders honor the system that has gone before them. Every great leader stands on the shoulders and progress of the men and women who were ahead of them. 

So, why is this concept so important? Because, when leaders honor the system that has gone before them they experience much better results. Through honoring the previous system and way of thinking leaders can create faster acceptance of new ideas. It will also foster a much quicker adoption of the new methods or concepts. And finally, it ensure more people will begin to apply the new ideas, tools, methods or products. 

So bottom line.....

You cannot have progress without honoring the past!