12 Essentials In Team Building

One thing a lot of leaders struggle with is building teams. Getting team members on board and having them stand with passion and dedication can be tough. I can speak from personal experience that this area of leadership can certainly create a challenge. Here are 12 things that I believe will help you build strong and effective teams in your organization.

1. Vision MUST be the foundation

People don't want or need another job during their busy week. So, when you build the opportunity to serve your vision, it needs to inspire people. It will bring unity, momentum and effectiveness in a team when they are all focused on one vision! If there is unity and focus, it produces results. People are drawn to results, vision and unity!

2. Present opportunities NOT needs

People want to be part of something significant and exclusive. If you communicate the chance to be part of both, that becomes a great opportunity. Too many people make the mistake of sharing needs and not opportunities. As a matter of fact, they often communicate the "desperate need of team members" and that simply does not drive the right people to serve. If anything it compels people to serve for the wrong reasons, which produces poor or bad results!

3. Set the Culture

When you prepare the environment and expectations within a organization, you will draw in the people who are well suited for that task. The retail world does this well. The customers of WalMart and Tiffany & Co are quite different. Each has intentionally set an environment to attract their chosen customer, employee and reputation. Both environments are comfortable, inviting and well suited for those customers. Your organization should pay close attention and do the same.

4. Everyone needs ownership in part of the organization

Employment alone doesn't convey responsibility, but ownership does. When we empower people and equip them with ownership in a organization, they always produce greater results. Delegate and empower your team to lead in certain areas, let them own the process and the results!

5. Clarity of Purpose & Roles

Simply put, make sure the expectations are clear. This is so often overlooked. When this happens unspoken expectations become great frustrations. Those frustration, more often than not, will fracture the team and it's unity. BE CLEAR IN YOUR EXPECTATIONS AND PURPOSE. This starts with defining the vision!

6. Face to Face Communication

The more face time you give to leaders and volunteers, the greater their desire to serve. It shows value to people. When we show value, we receive value.

7. People MUST matter/Not just get a task handled

NEVER look at the people serving as tools for accomplishing tasks and jobs. See them as team mates like yourself! take time to get to know your team. Show genuine care for their lives and their interests. Don't be selfish, be selfless and you will see your team's effectiveness multiply. Never underestimate the influence and power of your team.

8. Pairing & Partnership within teams

When we facilitate building relationships in teams, we solidify the foundation of that team. People have loyalty to people, not jobs, tasks or organizations. Simply put, help them invest in one another and they'll invest in the organization together! This creates synergy and results. 

9. Set up for early success….Make WINS easy early!

Do not set unrealistic goals...Especially early on. As a team gets started, they need to be able to celebrate wins from the very beginning. The more wins your celebrate; the more loyalty, excitement and results you will see from your team.

10. Show Appreciation

Always show and share personal appreciation for the hard work people invest in the vision and organization. Take time to personally recognize them. Make it a priority to publicly celebrate them. This builds confidence and excitement in any organization.

11. Make the atmosphere fun

If it's not fun, people will NOT commit long term. People need to enjoy what they do. That's especially true of the people who work 50-60 hours a week. There is no good reason not to find margin for fun and joy in your organization. 

12. Solicit Feedback

Take time to listen to your teams, your leaders and your people. When people feel valued, they will have more to offer!

I hope these simple things help you build fun, effective and committed teams in your organization.

Are there any ways you have seen in your organization that have helped build teams? If so, please share!