Changing Your World View

Syrian and Iraqi Refugees we served in Lebanon

I have spent a large majority of my life traveling to different areas of the world. I have seen some of the most beautiful places on earth. I have also seen some of the most gut-wrenching moments and tragic circumstances as well. I have seen the rebuilding of former communist nations. I have watched the despair of natural disasters that changed entire nations. I have stood in the midst of the fallout from wars. I have been exposed to the things that people find to be a lost cause, and places with no chance of a future. But, in the midst of it all, I still believe that no matter what is happening Hope still exists! 

The scene of the Haiti Earthquake in 2010

As a result, I believe I can change your entire world view in a matter of minutes....... 

Strong statement, I know! But, I believe it is true. More than that, I know it works. Why? Because I do it every day for my clients, readers, listeners and even my friends. 

So how do I do it? 

Actually I think it is quite simple. The key is having a working knowledge of multiple perspectives and ideals. If you are studious, diligent and observant you can do it too. 

The ingredients are simple and the process is profound. Here's how..... 

  1. Start with validating the current world view or perspective
    • Acknowledge that someone's world view and perspective are valid. Makes sure you let them know their idea or view of the world matters. 
  2. Offer up Possibilities
    • Give alternatives to what a person thinks or sees. Allow them to begin to think about another perspective. But, never tell them they must believe it to be true. It's a conversation, a dialog and not a dictation! 
  3. Present a New Reality
    • Give proof, or evidence, that an opposing or new view is possible and true. Use story, real life experiences, to express the truth that exists beyond a perceived reality. 

When you do this.... and if you do it well... You can shift a persons World View. 

So, what does this mean?

It means you can prove that a developing nation has hope. It means that you can prove War does not ruin an entire region or nation. It can prove that a disaster is not the end. It means that you can overcome anything that comes your way! You can prove that people have a future no matter their circumstance. This means we truly have the ability to change the world! Hope is the breeding ground for miracles, and miracles change the world! 

An orphan we were able to match with a new family in 2011

Now you can offer hope in the midst of despair. Now you can enable and empower people to make a change and leave the world a better place. It really is simple. But, it takes knowledge, experience and understanding. It takes grace, unconditional love and freedom. The end result is a better world. Those of us crazy enough to believe we can change the, may find out one day we have had an impact. That's my hope!

What do you think?