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I have a passion for inspiring others. After more than 18 years as a Primary Communicator, Strategy Consultant, Sales Expert, CEO and Entrepreneur, I have found a great passion to unlock the potential in others. Nothing is better than taking a room full of people who are unique and helping them come together through inspiration, ideas and truth. 

I have had the honor to speak to business leaders, non-profits, sales teams, executive teams, international development organizations and more. I enjoy uniting teams, groups and crowds to a vision, an idea and a chance to make an impact together. I love being able to captivate and cultivate the hearts of the audience and watching new ideas birthed. 

Featured In:

Michael is engaging, inspiring and fun. He has been able to captivate our entire Senior Management Team and inspire them to do great things together. No one has been able to unify and mobilize our team in the same way!
— Ronda Fraley, Senior HR Director, Caesars Entertainment
We will never forget what you’ve done for us in this lifetime.
— Sueane Munn, CEO/Founder, JV Strategic Partners & DROPD
Michael has become one of our favorites. His ability to cultivate new ideas, motivate the team and unleash creativity have gone unmatched. His enthusiasm is contagious. We have come to love having him around our team.
— Lindsay Drais, Executive Director of Employee Engagement, Wynn Resorts and Casinos

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