Meet Karis 

Karis was born on February 20th, 2011 in the small town of Archaiae in Haiti. Her mother was only 15 and her father a known criminal. Due to economic, health and safety concerns, Karis was taken to a local ministry partner for care. After multiple attempts to reunite her with her family, it was determined that Karis would be a great candidate for adoption. In April of 2011 Karis was matched with her adoptive family. However, due to corruption in the system, corruption of a lawyer and the immense changes in the adoption process, Karis was stuck in the adoption process for nearly 43 months! 

Karis was in need of proper health care due to some specific health issues. And, like most kids waiting on the adoption process, she had been subjected to welcoming and saying goodbye to her future family far too many times. Through the hard work, strong support and diligence of one of SPEAK Collective’s Adoption Advocates, Karis was able to come home to her family in late 2014. SPEAK Collective often serves as a volunteer advocate system to the children, the families and the system of adoptions.

Karis is just one of many stories where SPEAK Collective gets to Rebuild Families.