The world is full of noise.

Far too often, that noise drowns out the cries of the very people who need to heard. After more than a decade of hearing those cries, we cannot help but to becoming an amplifier for the ones who must be heard. SPEAK Collective exist to create advocates for every child. We believe that as an advocate for children in developing nations, we can give hope and give life. At SPEAK Collective we empower you to become the voice, become the champion and become a source of life for children in need.

We work hard to Restore Kids, Rebuild Families and Reclaim Generations.

Through our advocacy programs we aid in reunifying orphans with their families, we create sustainable community to support the development of leaders in the next generation and we aid in the tumultuous process of adoption.

We want to invite you to become an advocate too! You can become a part of SPEAK Collective by lending your voice to those who can’t be heard. You can become an advocate by building relationships with the people who care for these children every day. You can become an advocate through generously giving to create resources that will ensure the future for these children.

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You are SPEAK Collective!

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