Meet Jean 

Jean is 7 years old and he is one amazing kid. Jean was born in the city of Port au Prince amongst one of toughest, and most impoverished slums of the city. On January 12, 2010, Jean suffered the loss of both of his parents in the Earthquake. No doubt this was a tragic loss for such a young child, only 3 years old! Jean was brought to one of our partner ministries by a young lady who has become one of his greatest advocates.

Jean has been provided a safe and secure place to live. He is in a home with other kids who have similar stories. Our advocates have worked hard to secure the right place, the right education, the right care and the right people to love him as he grows up in Haiti. SPEAK Collective is working to help Jean grow into a great leader and a man who can love and serve his home nation of Haiti for the rest of his life. One day we know that Jean will be an advocate for other children just like himself.

Jean is just one of many opportunities we have to Restore Kids in Haiti.