This Uncommon Life - Episode #2

Welcome to episode #2 of This Uncommon Life. This week I want to take time to help you become a bit more self aware. Take some time to think about the way that we see life, faith, religion and God. This is a practice that requires us to set aside ego, pride and the desire to always be right. But, I do know that there is so much freedom that comes from making this happen. 

Also, for those who might be interested in going to Haiti with me in December, you can get the details by CLICKING HERE

This Uncommon Life - Episode #1

Welcome to This Uncommon Life the podcast. This is episode #1 and I could not be more excited. In this introductory episode I am laying the groundwork for what is ahead. The reality is that I want to create a format and venue to explore our faith, culture and the love of God in a fresh and candid way.

If you have ideas for future topics, guests or concepts you can fill out the form below. I look forward to our journey together! 

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